Phil Flash – Lost Phoenix Tape

Another fresh week and time to check out some more all new and all fresh Phil flash scenes. Since last week’s gallery with two hotties engaging in some hot lesbian action was so successful, we wanted to provide you with another cute pair that gets kinky. And these two are even cuter than the last two. The ladies are a blonde and a brunette and both of them pack petite bodies that look amazing, and on top of that, they also like kinky lingerie. Of course, the camera was there to shoot everything that went down and the only thing that came out of this scene is pure magic. Let’s get to see the two hot women at work without delay!


The blonde and brunette start their little scene as they undress. And rest assured that they do take their time to parade those perky and petite curves in front of the cameras as well. Anyway, once that is done, you can watch them bot keeping just their cute and sexy panties on and things were starting to get more and more heated up. Watch them kissing and caressing as they get more and more kinky and before you know it, the two beauties are making sweet love live on camera and you get to watch it all too. Have fun with the scene and as always, come back next week for another new update. We’ll see you then with fresh content everyone so do make sure not to miss it!

Take a look at these chicks getting nasty on camera!